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Loan without a bank account – how do you get cash without a bank account?


Most loan companies boast that they limit all formalities to a minimum. The loan application is completed on their website, and the transfer goes to our bank account after a few minutes. What if someone doesn’t have a personal account? How do you get cash without a bank account?

Loan without a bank account

Loan without a bank account

Most loan companies require a customer to have a bank account. Mainly because applying for a loan is usually done online and bank transfer is the easiest and fastest way to transfer money. In addition, a bank transfer is often used as customer verification. The applicant makes a penny transfer from his personal account, which is usually returned to him later along with the loan. This is how it works, among others whether the client has provided real data or is not impersonating another person.

And how is the money transferred to customers who do not have a bank account? There are three ways. The first way is to provide the borrower with a check by courier. Then, with such a check, go to Bank , where the loan will be paid to us. And how do you pay off a loan that is so delivered? At the post office, providing only the lender’s account number. The second way to receive payday loans without a bank account is by paying out a loan at the indicated branch, and the third is by providing a home delivery loan.

Cash loan with home delivery

One way to get a loan without a bank account is to choose payday loans with home delivery. An application for such a loan is submitted on the lender’s website, by phone or at a branch of the loan company. After positive credit verification, the consultant arrives at the place indicated by the client and hands out the cash. Interestingly, the meeting place does not have to be the client’s home, in order to transfer cash we can meet with the consultant of the given company anywhere. It should also be remembered that when choosing the home service option, we may incur additional fees, which results from the costs that the company must incur for the employee’s commute to the meeting place.



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